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Securing cloud content management with Box

The threats of ransomware, malware and other cyber security breaches are real. In 2020 alone we’ve seen bad actors threaten major organisations across Australia and New Zealand, with one thing being certain – these threats will not go away anytime soon and, in reality, will likely get worse.

As COVID-19 forced businesses to transition quickly to remote work in an attempt to maintain business continuity and resilience, professionals across organisations found themselves working from home, and everything quickly became digital-first.

When content is at the heart of everything in a digital-first environment, enterprise grade security and compliance are needed to safeguard sensitive data upon which every business relies.

IP, customer data, supply chain contracts, financial statements, legal documents, and patient data are examples of critical content being shared through digital-first workflows and third party productivity integrations, whether internally with colleagues or shared externally with customers, vendors, or partners.

But when legacy technologies don’t allow for seamless external collaboration, your colleagues find workarounds which create blind spots for your organisation. Do you know where the threats hide in your organisation and what your blind spots look like?

Security of content has never been more important to every type of collaborative process, but we’re seeing more content silos and fewer guardrails in place, resulting in opportunities for bad actors to put your business at risk and profit.

Can you detect, contain and remediate against ransomware, malware, and other cyber security breaches when it comes to your internal and external collaborative workflows on your Content Cloud?

During this industry panel discussion with Box hosted by Sally A Illingworth we gain insights from the Global CIO of Box, Ravi Malick, the Head of Technology Services at Tag Worldwide, Philip Yau, and Luke Stow.
Box Inc and Tag Worldwide discussing secure cloud content management

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